The GAME is in details

The name Rembrosoft originates from the artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, as well as he, we take care of the details.


About Rembrosoft

Rembrosoft is a game development company founded by Timko brothers in 2014 and located in Slovakia. We have been employed by various developers around the world for more than ten years. We worked as 3D, 2D artists and later as developers for UE3 and Unity engine.

What are we doing?


Game Development

We are currently working on our own production game, under the internal name - After the World, a Real-Time building strategy.


Application Outsourcing

We've worked on aviation projects, advanced e-shops, or mobile apps. If you need help with your own application, please write to us.


Art outsourcing

Years of experience with creating graphics we will gladly bring to your projects. If you need something to sketch, model, animate, we will be glad to help.