VR4D Editor

In cooperation with Studio 727, we are working on a 3D object editor not only for the gaming industry. It should find a place on market for artists, especially today in the world of endless asset stores with scanned objects.

Currently, the project is in the alpha version.

Report Flight

The application worked on Bluetooth low energy technology for iOS. The application also displayed the current flight list for the pilots. With Bluetooth, two devices were synchronized for both pilots on board, and flight editing worked in real-time.

Flight has just been signed and sent to the server and synchronized automatically with other devices when they were nearby.

The project was done in 2016.


Save My Money

Work on the project consisted of two parts: web application and Android/iOS applications. The Web application has been used by companies to publish discounts on merchandise. Companies registered on the web added their discounts in their stores, and people looked at it on their phone.

We successfully completed the project for the client. The client, however, decided not to continue this project.

The project was realized in 2016