We were responsible to process all the data from Insta 360 Pro 2 camera, stitch together, cut and export to custom made app made also by us. Then test it on Oculus Quest 2 and get it ready for visitors all around Slovakia.

The preparation and managing container was made by Robert Revak and Rasto Slobodnik.

More about the project here - www.lennaskok.sk



With a great resume comes great responsibility!

Fabulous commercials for Kickresume made by famous duo Blue Faces studio and Plaftik Studio. Our job was on a CG character inspired by Bazilisok, a design made by Plaftik Studio.

Highpoly modeling, texturing, and look development. Everything to make this asset ready for Blue Faces bringing to life and to these commercials. One, named VAMPIRE, you can watch right here.

Suri by Tesco Mobile

A new character again, design and animation by Plaftik Studio. Our job this time was only on grooming the characters, made in Houdini of course. Then send it to Blue Faces studio to make look alive.

Suri is an abbreviation from Surikata / Meerkat in English.

Martin and the Magical Forrest

The adventurous story about a young geek city boy Martin, who has to overcome himself and stay two weeks in the summer camp without his comfort and any technology. Here he will be challenged to help the forest creatures to save their forest from being destroyed by greedy developers.

The family film by Petr Oukropec based on the screenplay by Kateřina Kačerovská.

Ralf by Raiffeisen

Series of the alien RALF made for Raiffeisen Slovakia. He is fluffy, magical, and lives in a family that desperately needs a problem solver alien.

We made grooming for this cute character, some look development help for Blue Faces and time to time help with the various asset, depends really on a commercial. Here you can watch one of many commercials made with this character.

Character is made by Plaftik Studio.