After World

Currently in production, expecting 2019

We are working really hard on our new RTS game situated in the world after the society that we all know. Our heroes will have to learn from our past, reinvent what was forgotten and expand the city, establish a new world society.

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Medieval Generals

The game is built on the principles of gaming sports managers, we use similar principles and transpose them into the Middle Ages. The player creates a relationship with their troops, trains them and fights with other players.

The game will be out soon.

Nuclear War

Win the war, punish your friend and have fun with brand new totally FREE action game Nuke. The game is for one or two players playing on one device, we recommend to use the tablet for the best experience!

On September 2015, we released our 2D game for internal testing of gaming mechanics and for expanding the experience of our young team. The game was released for Android and iOS.

A game for two players on one device, the goal is to destroy the opponent's city.

Try our first game Job Restaurant for free

Job Restaurant

In 2014, we created our first game for Android and later for iOS to test our abilities and game development from A to Z.

It is a waiter's job. The game is fully 3D and runs on the Unity Engine