VR4D Studio

Easy to use 3D real-time viewer and real-time render toolkit!

Download for FREE - VR4D Studio 0.75 Alpha


The VR4D Studio is made in Unity, one to one lookdev of the assets for your games, applications or short movies! Or render your models directly from VR4D Studio.

List of features:

  • Automatic creation of materials - Megascans support
  • Move, rotate or scale your models - Create your own scenes
  • Use HDR images to light your scenes
  • Light your scene with lights - Sky light, Point light or Spotlight
  • Use advanced post-effects - AO, DOF, Bloom, Motion Blur, Vignette, Chromatic aberration or Color grade your scene!
  • Render your scenes to 32bit EXR files
  • FBX support for animations

...and much more!

Light your scenes with HDRI and lights
Use post-effects to enhance look of the scene
32bit EXR render to polish your renders
Play with materials to explore your assets

About VR4D Studio

VR4D Studio started as a tool for everyday people with limited or zero experiences in 3D programs. The main goal is to review or final tweaking textures of assets from scans or made by hand.

Many times you need to check the assets, scans or textures, how it will all look together in your game in Unity - this is when VR4D Studio is for you.

As we continued to develop VR4D Studio, we realized it can be used even for animators to create short movies or even commercials, now we want to bring more easy to use features for them!

Road Map

Here is the list of features we are planning to add in near future:

  • Support for multiple cameras and render out sequences
  • Multiple passes for EXR files
  • Timeline support for animation files and blending animations
  • Better movement of your working camera
  • Import custom HDRI
  • Adding LOD manager per model
  • Baking texture of multiple assets to one atlas map
  • Final tweaking of your textures and exporting them out

Write us if you have suggestions or requests for features

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